September is a sweet month

4 November 2021
Chiara Santi

Chiara Santi



September is a sweet month, the sun is still high and a breathable joy breezes through the air inspiring new beginnings. What a better moment to be on tour again with my beloved orchestra and sparkling pianist Yuja Wang.

We played concerts in Sibiu, Bucharest, Merano, Bologna, Frankfurt, Udine, Verona and Eisenstadt, and made a stop over in Venice. 

This was our first big tour in a long time, and a big challenge for the logistics and planning. But the tour was especially exciting because the programmes, with pieces by Haydn, Janacek, Stravinsky, Bach and Shostakovich. The selected pieces totally reflected the spirit of the orchestra, and playing without conductor enhanced the connection between the musicians themselves and the soloist.

Even if from the travelling side this tour was quite demanding, I really enjoyed every single moment. Yuja was absolutely outstanding and her encores were breath-taking. Being on tour, always provides a chance to grow artistically and humanly - to meet special people and, last but not least, to taste the local food in each city - searching for the best restaurants to try out with my colleagues!