Immersive Experiences

Playing in an orchestra is
an immersive experience.

With VR and immersive sound, we can share that experience with you.

Now we have the possibility to bring the immersive experience of the orchestra in an entirely new way, enabling you to experience music from within the orchestra, and to feel how it is made and heard by musicians.

For doing so, the MCO collaborates with its Artistic Partner for Immersive Experiences Henrik Oppermann. The first meeting between Henrik Oppermann and the MCO took place back in 2019, when they worked together on Symphony, a virtual reality project featuring Gustavo Dudamel. Since June 2020, the collaboration has continued in the form of three cutting-edge digital projects in a curated sequence: Future Presence III and III. Future Presence addresses themes of voice, structure, space, collaboration, listening and fantasy — central themes of music itself.