Every Concert is an Adventure

13 August 2019
Mark Hampson

Mark Hampson



It was with much anticipation that we all arrived in Granada early in July for the second part of our Manuel de Falla project with Pablo Heras-Casado.

It was like coming home for me as I have lived on the Canary Islands for many years and play this repertoire very often being part of a Spanish symphony orchestra. I had, however, already been in nearby Malaga for a few days teaching before arriving. This gave me a chance to get used to the intense Summer heat in Andalucia. It’s quite different to the Canaries; where we enjoy a moderate and constant climate the whole year round. Andalucia on the other hand is a real furnace, we were lucky that the Summer heat “only” got to 40 degrees this year. I have experienced more extreme temperatures, but this never fails to surprise. A walk down the street where our hotel was situated in the midday sun was a withering affair, and even the most north European of my colleagues quickly took on the Spanish siesta tradition.