14 March 2022
Jonathan Wegloop

Jonathan Wegloop



It was April 2021 when we played all four Schumann symphonies under the baton of Maestro Gatti. A special project in light of strict travel- and gathering restrictions. After all, this took place only a few months after vaccinations became available. The orchestra was fulfilled to play all Schumann symphonies.

Especially memorable was the concert in Barcelona’s gorgeous Palau de la Música. Our respected Artistic Partner Daniele Gatti spoke some moving words of gratitude to the audience, underlining the significance of public performances and how much it meant to him to be able to perform again for a full concert hall.

The cycle was not yet completed in Italy. Luckily there was more Schumann to come, it can’t ever be enough! Our concert tour in January ’22 through Cologne and Italy was a completion of the Schumann cycle, performing his first and third symphony, the overture to his only opera Genoveva as well as his thrilling concert piece for four horns and orchestra.