Stravinsky / De Falla

Pulcinella Suite / El Retablo de maese Pedro

Stravinsky / De Falla

Harmonia Mundi, 2024

The three works on this CD—all of them dating from the 1920ies and neoclassical in style—transport us to the world of the Commedia dell'Arte, Don Quixote and fifteenth-century Spain. With a fine sense of tone painting, color, rhythm, and humour, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and Benjamin Alard—on a magnificent Pleyel harpsichord—invite you to a cheerful firework display. Recorded in the year 2023, a hundred years after the premiere of de Falla's puppet opera "El retablo de maese Pedro", this is the MCO's second CD under the direction of Pablo Heras-Casado ("El sombrero de tres Picos", also by Manuel de Falla, was released by harmonia mundi in 2019)

MANUEL DE FALLA (1867 - 1946) El retablo de maese Pedro, Harpsichord Concerto

IGOR STRAVINSKY (1882 - 1971) Pulcinella Suite

Airam Hernández Tenor (Maese Pedro)

José Antonio López Bass-baritone (Don Quixote)

Héctor López de Ayala Uribe soprano (El Trujamán)

Benjamin Alard harpsichord

Mahler Chamber Orchestra

Pablo Heras-Casado Conductor