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Dr. Carsten Markfort


What is your most memorable moment with the orchestra? Several: a rehearsal with Abbado of Beethoven’s Eroica in Madrid, the Freischütz in Dortmund, Schnittke at the Radialsystem in Berlin, partying and lounging in Ferrara, or with the laid-back musicians during the French arts workers’ strikes in lovely, summery Aix-en-Provence. 

What makes a “perfect” concert? Known or unknown good compositions, enthusiastic performers, pleasant surroundings and a relaxed mind and body.

When and where did you first experience the MCO in concert? My first concert with the MCO must have been sometime in 2001, when the orchestra had one of its rare visits to Berlin. The soloist was Joshua Bell. Part of the experience was the “after-concert party” in one of the musician’s flats somewhere in Prenzlauer Berg – very nice.

Why do you support the MCO? Apart from loving classical music and believing in the need for classical culture, I admire the enthusiasm and courage of the musicians to choose to be part of a free and non-financially supported orchestra.

What do you like most about the MCO? That the musicians let us feel this extraordinary mixture of perfectionism, musical feeling and verve in every one of their concerts. Or: MCO is always fun to listen to!


Carsten Markfort was born in Bensberg, with a perfect view of the Cologne Cathedral. He studied Law, Musicology and Political Science in Würzburg, Caen (Licence en droit) and Berlin. He holds a PhD in International Intellectual Property Law, and has been a lawyer since 1999, with a focus on Copyright (IP/IT). Carsten plays piano and clarinet and – sometimes, when it is ball season – tenor sax.

Portrait photo: Samantha Dietmar