Angelika - profile

Angelika Bohrer


What makes a "perfect" concert?

That magical moment when the audience becomes entranced by the orchestra.

When and where did you first experience the MCO in concert? 

At the Lucerne Festival in 2014.

Why do you support the MCO?

The fact that such a renowned, free and international orchestra competes with the world’s greatest is a testament to not only the vision of Claudio Abbado but the vibrant support the MCO receives from its worldwide patrons. I am honoured to join in this effort to ensure the MCO enjoys years of continued support.

What do you like most about the MCO?

What I love most is the independence and the entrepreneurship of the MCO and its musicians

What is your most memorable moment with the orchestra?

 I’ll never forget the first time I had the opportunity to meet some of the MCO’s musicians after a concert in Lucerne. What struck me then was their passionate enthusiasm for the music, but more than that it was their bond—this unparalleled mutual respect and familial environment between the musicians made a deep and lasting impression on me. 


Angelika Bohrer spent most of her formative years studying abroad, due to her father’s profession. During her years at university, she studied languages at the Sprachen-und Dolmetscherinstitut in Munich. After graduation, she began her professional career at Condé Nast and later on started her own photojournalism business. All the while, Angelika has dedicated herself to nurturing and promoting social and cultural projects, for more than 30 years.