Welcome Home! A concert about finding the place where you belong is a school concert designed by musicians of the MCO to explore the themes of "Heimat" (home and belonging) through music. The concert offers students the opportunity to delve into these important societal issues both in its content and through the power of music itself. 

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The concept of home is multifaceted—it can be a place, a smell, a piece of music, or a certain feeling. Welcome Home! aims to reflect this diversity by drawing on the MCO's own internationality and presenting a rich programme that includes works by Béla Bartók, Dmitri Shostakovich, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 

Bartók's work symbolises his effort to share the essence of his homeland with the world, while Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony reflects a complex and often fraught relationship with his country. And Mozart's overture from Don Giovanni  holds particular significance for us, marking our first international success in 1998. 

By engaging with these varied compositions, students are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and perceptions of home and belonging. The concert fosters a deeper understanding of cultural identity, promoting mutual respect and appreciation for the diverse backgrounds that shape our society.

In preparation for the concert, teachers and students are provided with extensive materials that give insights into the historical and political contexts of the music they will hear. These resources help to frame the themes of the concert in a broader context, enhancing the educational value of the experience. Additionally, a collection of questions is posed to the students, encouraging them to express their thoughts and feelings about home and belonging. Their responses are then incorporated into the concert through audio recordings and texts.

Welcome Home! is more than listening; it's about creating a space where young people can explore and express their own identities. By connecting with young people from diverse backgrounds, the MCO hopes to strengthen the sense of community and belonging among the next generation and allow them to share their unique perspectives on what home means to them. Discover more in our podcast episode Home, Belonging, "Heimat"