Have you always wondered what it's like to be on stage with the MCO? To immerse yourself in the music, standing among the musicians as if you were one of them? The MCO Close-Up format offers a unique and interactive opportunity to do just that.

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The MCO Close-Up format invites audience members onto the stage to stand amongst the musicians, providing a unique vantage point to experience the music and what it is like on stage. Imagine being surrounded by the sounds of the orchestra, feeling the vibrations of the instruments, and observing the intricate communication between musicians. This isn't just about listening to music; it's about being part of the performance.

As a guest of an MCO Close-Up, you can witness the nuances of a rehearsal from a musician's perspective. Watch how the musicians communicate and breathe, elements which are crucial for synchronising any performance. Feel the intensity and dedication in every note played, and see firsthand the passion that each musician brings. This intimate setting allows you to appreciate orchestral music in a new way, one that is different from the usual audience seat.

The MCO Close-Up continues our work in making music approachable, it is an engaging, behind-the-scenes adventure that breaks down the barriers between the performers and the audience. Whether you are a music enthusiast, an aspiring musician, or simply curious, an MCO Close-Up offers a memorable and enriching experience that will deepen your appreciation for music.