Alexandra - profile

Alexandra Preucil

1st violin


When and Where was your first concert with MCO?
Lucerne 2018. I had just moved to Europe and was so excited when I got invited to play on this tour of Beethoven and Schumann with Daniele Gatti. 

What is the best thing about playing with the MCO?
The feeling of being connected to every musician on stage. With MCO, everyone is so aware of each other which brings a level of musical flexibility and inspiration to every performance that is really exciting. 

What do you need to feel at home whilst on tour?
MCO is special because it feels like one big family, so no matter where we are or what we are playing  – it always feels like home! 

What do you do before a performance? 
Eat chocolate. It’s probably just an excuse … but I really feel like it helps me play my best!

What would you do if you weren’t a musician?
I have trained in ballet for many years and I love how it is a way to express music without the instrument in my hands but still through my body. It’s definitely too late for a career now, but I still love taking classes in my free time. 


Alexandra Preucil was born in Atlanta, Georgia and began the violin at the age of three. Ms Preucil is a member of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and currently resides in Vienna, Austria. Formerly the Assistant Concertmaster of the Cleveland Orchestra, Ms Preucil now leads and collaborates with ensembles around the world. Recent appearances have included performances with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Haydn Philharmonie, and as guest concertmaster with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra and Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Festival appearances include the Lucerne Festival Orchestra, Sun Valley Music Festival, Britt Festival Orchestra, Mainly Mozart, Lockenhaus Chamber Music Festival, Festival de Febrero, and Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival. 

Dedicated to music education and community engagement, Ms. Preucil has created and performed programs for all ages. In addition to teaching and giving masterclasses, she was named Director of the Britt Festival Fellowship Program and serves as music advisor of the Cleveland Ballet. 

Ms Preucil graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Music with a bachelor’s degree in music performance and a minor in dance. While in school, she held the position of Assistant Concertmaster with both the Akron and Canton Symphony Orchestras and was a member of the award-winning Svanito Quartet. 

Ms Preucil plays on a 1744 Sanctus Serafin violin.