22 October 2018

Julian Scott



I wasn’t sure what this tour diary was going to be about, so I decided to walk around Verona and just see what my consciousness let through.

It was a stunning day and my rehearsal schedule was non-arduous to say the least, so time was on my side. I walked to the river and took pictures of anything that caught my eye - a beautiful bridge, the amphitheatre, an old bike, a classic Fiat 500, a Piaggio Vespa, the remains of the city gate. Later on, drifting off to sleep in the park after a big lunch, I reflected on why those things caught my eye. They were all really old! That was it - I liked them mainly because they were old! I continued to reflect on old things in my life... I just moved into a Georgian flat in Edinburgh (a city well known for its historical buildings); I recently bought a VW T3 High-top camper van with my brother (OK... that’s not really old, but it was built before I was born - that’s sufficient oldness for me); I love Bach and have an affinity towards music much older than that; I just bought a Baroque oboe (albeit a modern replica); I loved Latin at school... the list goes on. So now I had my thread, my theme for the tour diary. I was eager to see what the next day would bring.