Lucerne Festival

23 August 2017


Wednesday 19:30 / KKL Luzern


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Lucerne Festival


JOSEPH HAYDN: Symphony no. 22 in E-flat major Hob I:22 The Philosopher

BÉLA BARTÓK: Violin Concerto no. 2 Sz 112; Dance Suite Sz 73

JOSEPH HAYDN: Symphony no. 96 in D Major Hob I:96 The Miracle

  • Conductor François-Xavier Roth
    Violin Patricia Kopatchinskaja

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Livestream of Bartók's Violin Concerto on the Lucerne Festival Facebook page

In August, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra returns – as it does every year – to its summer residency in Lucerne. This tradition goes back to 2003, when Claudio Abbado (1933-2014) invited the MCO to form the core of his newly-founded Lucerne Festival Orchestra. This year, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra can be heard in a total of five concerts: in addition to four performances as part of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra, it will also be featured in one MCO concert. In one way or the other, all performances closely relate to the 2017 festival theme, “identity”. 

This concert, led by conductor François-Xavier Roth and featuring Lucerne Festival artiste étoile Patricia Kopatchinskaja, marks the beginning of a long-term MCO project exploring composers closely linked to Austro-Hungarian musical traditions. This programme includes works by Joseph Haydn and Béla Bartók, composers who – despite coming from two very different eras – are synonymous with this region: Haydn, for his prolific work at the Esterhazy court and Bartók, for incorporating central European folk traditions into his music.  

The Lucerne Festival, set on idyllic Lake Lucerne in central Switzerland, is one of the world’s most renowned classical music festivals and a meeting place for leading performers from all over the globe. Even as it has begun to extend outward from the lake to fill the city, the Kongress and Kulturzentrum Luzern (KKL), Jean Nouvel’s concert hall famous for its exquisite acoustics and architecture, remains the heart of festival.

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11 August 2017 Lucerne

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19 August 2017 Lucerne

Saturday 18:30pm / KKL Luzern

Works by: Igor Stravinsky

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