Mika - profile

Mika Heggemann


What do you need to feel at home whilst on tour?

My laptop, a good book and running clothes.

If you could play another instrument what would it be?

The piano.

The most inspiring composer:

John Williams & Hans Zimmer.

The first piece of music you fell in love with:

John Williams' "Duel Of The Fates" from Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, played by the London Symphony Orchestra.

What makes a “perfect” concert?

When the music magically blurs reality, and your thoughts and feelings can unfold freely.


Mika Heggemann was already fascinated by music as a child. Through the influence of his family, he started playing the guitar and also performed in various plucked string orchestras in Schweinfurt.

He trained as an industrial business management assistant through IHK, which laid the foundation for future business activities and handling finances. 

In 2018, he decided to focus on his artistic side and started an internship at the Ghost City Recordings studio near Nuremberg. Until the end of 2020, Mika worked independently on his skills as a musician and music producer, in parallel to working as an instrument maker at Glissando, making Celtic harps.

Since the beginning of 2021, he has been working for the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, where he can combine his experiences and knowledge with his passion for finance and the arts.