Karen - profile

Karen Hunter

Executive Assistant


What aspect of your work do you enjoy the most?
I very much enjoy taking care of details so that things function smoothly for the team.

What about your work challenges you on a daily basis?

What do you find inspiring about your job?
The dedication and mutual support of this team is amazing. Everyone is giving his or her best, and everyone is allowed a voice.

The first piece of music you fell in love with:
A Vivaldi Oboe Concerto with Heinz Holliger performing.

Which are your desert island discs?
That is an easy question: Glenn Gould – his Bach Partitas, Preludes and Fugues; and from the Emerson Quartet – their Mendelssohn recording including the Octet, op. 20. I'll need to play that loudly, so I hope the monkeys don't mind.


Karen is the MCO's Executive Assistant. She works to ensure that everything works. Karen holds a B.A. from the North Carolina School of the Arts and a M.A. from the St. Louis Conservatory of Music, having trained as an oboist. In 1996 she traded a spot on the stage for a place in the audience with her permanent move to Berlin. She's worked to support chamber music and musicians in just about every possible circumstance, and loves the musical variety on offer in the 'Hauptstadt'.