Daniela - profile

Daniela Pasdzierny

Operations Manager


When and where did you first see the MCO in concert? Ferrara, October of 2007. The MCO was celebrating its 10th – and my 27th – birthday. It was an extraordinarily memorable entrance into the world of the MCO!

What are the challenges of your work on a daily basis? Finding a good, happy balance with the mix of office work in Berlin, life away on tour, and my personal life here and there.

What is your most memorable moment with the orchestra? Over the years there have been so many memorable and inspiring moments and people that every once in a while I think of writing them down before they get to be too many to remember them all.

But for sure I won’t forget a grand concert piano moved by a forklift in Abu Dhabi, a dinner on a frozen lake in Lulea, clothes boxes not fitting into the airplane in Vienna, all Radial Nights in Berlin, finding our tour-pig Elfriede in an Italian Autogrill, and seeing our musicians rock at Reykjavik’s crowded bars with Reich’s “Violin Phase”.

What do you need to feel at home while on tour? Probably I just need a few nice people around, with whom to share the great or tiring or absurd moments. Otherwise, of course a little sunshine helps, along with good food, a relaxed atmosphere, nice colleagues, and great music, for me to feel good on tour.

What makes a concert “perfect”? A seat in the audience, ears and eyes open, distracting preoccupations gone – and then: an unexpected cor anglais solo by Emma. Or a gorgeous brass sound. Or a clarinet dance with Jaan and Olivier. Or a schmaltzy cello cantilena. Or... ? The only thing that matters is that it’s electrifying!


Daniela Pasdzierny first got to know the MCO in the autumn of 2007 during an internship, after which she began to freelance for the orchestra. Since January 2009, she has been working as an MCO Project Manager handling all tour-related organisational matters. She also organizes auditions and the MCO music library.

After finishing secondary school in Hildesheim (Lower Saxony), Daniela moved to Berlin to study Musicology, Italian and Economics, and to enjoy the cultural life of the capital city. As an Erasmus scholarship recipient, she spent the 2004-2005 academic year in Bologna, not only learning Italian and learning about Italian (culinary) culture but also getting to know many of her fellow students from all over the world.

While a student, she fulfilled internships at various festivals, such as the Beethovenfest Bonn and the Hamburg Ostertöne. She also found time for her own music. A dedicated cellist, Daniela played in orchestras such as the Junge Sinfonie Berlin, and also helped with the ensemble’s organisation.