15 November 2016

MCO Double Bass



A bass at the airport always stands out. I was treated by the airline staff and airport security in Nagoya with great care, especially before I was x-rayed! 


When a tour involves travelling long distances, a jet-lag day is often built into the schedule so that we can get used to the time difference. I usually spend the night in the concert hall, but I needed a good night's rest in the hotel (what a luxury!) to get ready for today's rehearsals.


My string colleagues usually travel more comfortably with the musicians (the cellos usually get their own seats on the bus, while the violins and violas fit snugly into the overhead storage), while I travel with the trunks by truck. But sometimes I am lucky and get the entire luggage compartment to myself! 


A few nights ago, I travelled overnight in the truck with the timpanis from Sapporo to Osaka for our concert here this evening. The timpanis also travelled to Japan from Europe for this tour, and we’ll be reuniting at the end of November for the MCO’s next project. We had plenty of time to catch up and share our experiences of our time in Japan thus far. 


This photo was taken a few days ago, backstage at The Symphony Hall, Osaka. This feels like the entrance of a club. There are many stickers from German orchestras, and autographed artist photos too. I’m in good company! 


Here in Japan, you’re always spoilt for choice, even at the vending machine backstage. Pocari Sweat, green tea, oolong tea, grape juice, or coffee to beat the mid-afternoon dip before today's concert at 5 pm? I think I’ll go for the coffee.