Nina - profile

Nina Brach

Development Manager


When and where did you first see the MCO in concert? Early 2008 in Eilat, Israel. Unforgettably thrilling.

What aspect of your work do you enjoy the most? In general, my job and its various responsibilities are (almost always) a lot of fun and very fulfilling. Since not everyone can say that, I consider myself really lucky. What I enjoy most of all is the contact I have with so many different people – from such a mix of countries and with such a range of personalities.

What inspires you about the MCO? The enthusiasm and engagement of everyone involved. Without exception, all the musicians and staff take on projects full of enthusiasm and motivation and stay focused throughout. Everybody is deeply committed to the idea of the MCO and its mission – it’s just a great orchestra and a very congenial and inspiring work environment!

What do you need to feel at home while on tour? My pillow!

The first piece of music you fell in love with: Prokofiev’s ballet Romeo and Juliet.


Nina Brach has been Development Manager for the MCO since January of 2008. She is in charge of the support of the orchestra through private donors, institutional funds and corporate giving as well as strategic project development.

Before joining the MCO, Nina used to work for the Berlin Philharmonic’s press office. She gained experience doing several internships across Germany, France and the US, including with the Musée du Louvre, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the Metropolitan Opera and others.

Nina loves music, but above all, in her free time she pursues her passion for dance. She also volunteers for two institutions that are committed to supporting children through music.